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Software Description

One of the highlights of ITI instrumentation is the windows based control software. The software actually operates in two modes.

1. Stand alone (with no signal capture instrument necessary)
2. Instrument attached 
While the instrument is required to begin capturing data, the software can operate in a "stand alone" mode. In this mode it is possible to review previously collected data. Stored data files may be opened, displayed and processed for analysis. This mode is provided so that technicians in a field environment may email the data files back to their office. Engineers and or technicians in the office can then view the emailed data file and view it without the need of an instrument. 
When an instrument is attached, data collection may then commence. All initial settings are selectable from the "floating" window. See the sample at the right. Settings such as sample rate selection, gain settings, number of samples, etc. are all adjustable from this control windows. This window may be "minimized" to gain full full screen viewing. The "Help" menu is essentially a written manual that will guide a new user through each process. ITI software is intuitive and simple to use. Feel free to download the latest version of ITI software. The software comes complete with actual sample data files. The software is fully functional, but cannot be used to collect data, unless an instrument is connected.

Sample control screen, (click to enlarge)

Modes of Operation

While the instrument is attached to the standard PC via USB port, it may be operated in three various modes.

1. DSO
2. PC Direct
3. Automatic 
In DSO Mode, data is collected and temporarily store in instrument memory. Up to 64K 12 bit words are stored internally, which are then transferred to the PC via the USB Port. Data is then processed and displayed for further analysis. In PC direct mode, data that is collected is transferred back to the PC in "real-time". Data sampling is accomplished at a much lower sampling rate, but is directly relayed back to the PC without using the instrument's internal memory. "Automatic" mode is a convenient way allowing the windows control software to automatically control the gain, time-base and other settings for optimum viewing. If a signal is unknown, the user will not need to continuously adjust the controls, as the software is intelligent in this respect and will process the data for "best" display.
Data Analysis
ITI Control software performs many complex data analysis functions. Besides being a DSO, ITI software also performs analysis functions as FFT, Correlation, Arithmetic as well as Repetitive Waveform restructuring. Click the FFT sample screen at the right for a closer view.

Sample FFT Screen, (Click to Enlarge)