Product Name and Description


USB Interface 
2010-1- Single Channel
2010-2 Dual Channel


USB Interface
2012-4- Four Channel
2012-8- Eight Channel


RF ZigBee (Wireless 500 feet) and USB Interface
2010-1RF Single Channel
2010-2RF Dual Channel


RF and ZigBee, (Wireless 500 feet) and USB Interface
2012-4RF- Four Channel
2012-8RF-Eight Channel*


Waveform Generator- 10Mhz
Signal Reply- 10Mhz
Digital Signal Synthesizer 1GHz


Battery Power Dual Channel for Remote data collection
with USB and R interfaces

* 12 channel available 2nd quarter 2006

Option .2X: Balanced Input per channel (See below)


Low Signal Level Amplification for BIO and Small Signal Applications

Balanced DSO Input

Balanced Inputs are uniquely suited for instruments that measure low level signals or any signal that is in a saturating noisy environment.

The signal being monitored is measured by two probes both of which are off ground in what is known as a balanced signal arrangement. Noise pickup signals on both probes are cancelled in the balanced amplifier leaving only the low level signal to be monitored. Examples are in Bio applications where body probes pick up electrocardiogram or heart action signals.

Any of our ITI instruments can have this option added to them. The X represents the number of channels which the customer wishes to have the balanced input applied.