The Company

Empire Telecommunications manufactures instruments for test and measurement for general purpose applications used in engineering and test laboratories as well as for industrial and commercial applications. Empire Telecommunications, founded in 1979,  has developed integrated test instruments (ITI), which captures electronic and sensory signals transmitted via a standard USB port, or by radio frequency (RF), over short or long range distances to PCs. Captured signals are then processed for multiple levels of analysis, presentation, storage and control. ITI devices allow the efficient setup of friendly user interface for every type of test and measurement operation ranging from electronic laboratory broadband signal testing, to monitoring control of industrial sites to balanced signal monitoring used in low level bio applications.

The integrated test instrument attributes involve signal capture, data transmission, processing and versatile display features. Automated instrument adaptation of high speed signal memory capture speeds faster then data relay speeds to the processor. The information processor performs the required software analysis functions on new or archived signal data. Analysis functions include correlation, FFT, comparator, arithmetic, filtering as well as gain control setting , frequency and phase detection among others.